Meet our Ex pats


Meet Our Ex Pats

Martin McGoldrick M.Sc. MBA (and Scottish)

In this candid photo (April, 2023) we find Martin with the Prague 67 CSC enjoying another Celtic victory over his favourite team’s biggest rivals. 

Born on the border of Glasgow and Coatbridge, this Scot is an avid fan of Celtic Football Club. Martin has a long association with the Czech Republic. He ‘tied the knot’ with his Czech wife in Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral in 1994 and has never looked back!

Martin has been working in education at tertiary or secondary level since 1999. After lecturing in China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, Martin now devotes his time to teaching English to teenagers. 

His mantra is “I’m as British as the contents of the British Museum, I really don’t feel that I belong in Britain!” Although he has made the Czech Republic his forever-home, he would be happy to see another vote on Scottish independence. 

Martin’s project passions are centred on Prioritization and Time Management Strategies.

The Foreign Legion’, Nick (left) from England spent many years as a broadcast journalist with the BBC. Martin (right) from Scotland has over two decades of experience in education, much of that time as a university lecturer in Europe and Asia.

Nick Hirst B Ed. (and English)

Nick is a wonderful example of the very best sort of colleague. He possesses the quintessential BBC accent, so it comes as no surprise to learn that he spent a great many years working in Radio and Television. His voice could be described as a blend of velvet, chocolate, and soft cotton if such things made a noise.  Nick is always on-hand to assist colleagues and is adored by his students. 

He is a published author, a business communication specialist, and a dedicated fan of West Ham Utd. He enjoyed the success of his favourite team winning the Europa Conference League!

Nick has followed West Ham United in the good times and all through the bad times. His dedication and loyalty to his favourite football team is a perfect metaphor for his devotion to teaching English and Drama to teenage students. As you might expect of a fan of West Ham United, Nick enjoys proving that the underdog always has a chance! He is adept at transforming a rough diamond into a polished gem.

Over the course of his career, he has conducted hundreds of interviews – including a number with legends of the music industry such as Ozzy Osbourne, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb (The Bee Gees), and Paul McCartney.